Interior design​

Furniture and Interior Design

When our selected furniture program and inventory are placed in a restaurant, café, new store, or other types of business, a cozy, rustic, and unique style is often created.

We offer a wide range of tables, chairs, and other interiors, and we also develop special furniture or entire interior solutions in close collaboration with you. Interior solutions should stand out and at the same time be adaptable to a busy workday where functionality is paramount.

Our large selection is characterized by original finds and recycled furniture, developed in close collaboration with our skilled Indian workshops. Upcycling is a discipline we also cultivate, and we are happy to take our customers' ideas with us when we go "hunting."

We cultivate a particularly raw, authentic expression with a warm Nordic atmosphere. Set this in contrast to clean and minimalist architectural lines, and you will see our style create an inviting and relaxed feeling of being welcome.

Take a look around our webshop or visit our showroom. Here you can experience a wide selection of interior products and furniture, where we can create an authentic atmosphere for your guests or customers together with you.

You can contact us at info@sjaelsoenordic for more information. We can also send you a login to the shop so you can take a look. You can also register as a B2B custome HERE.