- only the imagination sets the limit...​

We love finding beautiful old objects that can be revitalized - either by being renovated, getting a new finish, or used in a new way - as authentic products in our homes. Only the imagination sets the limit...

Old ice cream moulds are transformed into candle stands, old iron suitcases into coffee tables, trays to trolleys and brick moulds to rustic trays and shelves. A world of opportunities...

Our ideas usually emerge when we are at the sites and workshops of our suppliers - we never know what we find. Our suppliers are amazing in transforming our ideas into specific products.

Below you will find examples of our upcycled products. You can have a look at our assortment here.

The brick mould - a world of possibilities

The first season we introduced the original brick mould we did not sell a single piece! But our belief in the brick mould remained strong and soon after things went very fast. Today, we have sold thousand and thousand of pieces. We love the idea of recycling - why not use, what is already available? 

Original brick moulds have been used in the construction industry for years. The clay is filled into the mould - the mould is turned upside down and the clay brick is taken out of the mould and subsequently dried on the ground and burned in an oven. 

Each small construction business has its own stamp in the brick enabling you to establish the origin of the brick mould. To make sure that your brick mould is original, you can look for marking of a stamp in the bottom. 

Upcycled into shelves, advent wreaths, trays...

We love finding new ways to use original items. Our first idea was to add a thick, soft leather handle to the brick mould transforming it into a wooden tray. Since then, together with our suppliers, we have designed many brick mould variations - shelves, trays and even advent wreaths. Only the imaginations sets the limit...

From old trays to a rustic trolley...

We love this trolley and so do you. It represents how we work and what we love to do. 

Some time ago, visiting our Indian suppliers, looking for trolleys in the burning sun, we have reached the limit, as we could find anything. We have rejected the idea and moved on to selecting old iron trays. While talking about how disappointed we were, not being able to find any trolleys, an idea emerged - why not make our own trolley of old iron trays? 

As usual, our supplier was excited about the idea and we all forgot what we were doing, focusing on the development of a new trolley. We selected the trays and skilled craftsmen started working on the first sample and adjusting, as we all continued the development process.  

Soon the first piece was ready. Is it not amazing, how fast things can happen when we work together? Does it always go as smoothly - certainly not - but that is another story :) 

From ice cream moulds to lovely candle stands...

Good ideas emerge when least expected. In this case, we were looking at an old metal box with some funny looking iron tubes. We could not really figure out, what it was. We asked our supplier, and we got the explanation that it was for ice creams. The iron tubes contain the ice cream, and the metal box is filled with ice to keep the ice cream cold. The ice creams are then sold on the local markets. 

While we were learning about this, the idea of candle stands emerged. Would it be possible to add an iron stand to the ice cream iron tube and transformed it into a candle stand? We succeeded. 

We like the fact that many of our products have a story, and we can bring new life to the product by using it in another way.

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