Original PIECES


- a world of exciting stories and unique products

India is a paradise when you love finding old furniture and interior products. They are available in stacks and piles on the sites of our suppliers - collected all over India and neighbouring countries. 

Our mission is to find and preserve beautiful old objects and furniture and transform them into rustic interior products for Nordic homes. We aim at keeping our products as original as possible and consequently our products always contain an authentic story. We can find anything from old school benches, water jars, cabinets and tables - a world of opportunities. 

We love finding old items that can be revitalized - either by being renovated, getting a new finish, or used in a new way. You can get a full overview of our original items here.

The horse - a symbol of love

On Mette's first trip to India many years ago, the very first thing she bought for herself was a wooden horse. Mette was fascinated by this beautiful old horse with lots of cracks but at the same time lots of patina and stories to tell.  Since Mette's first journey it has become a tradition to look for old horses. First love lasts forever....

In the old days, the horses were mounted on the overhang of the roofs - a stallion and a mare - as a symbol of the love between the man and the woman, who lived in the house. Each horse is handcrafted, and hours have been spent cutting each horse, making the finest ornamentation and then painting them in beautiful colours -  all in the name of love... 

Today, we search for horses in large piles at the site of our suppliers. The quest for the amazing pieces sets in, and if we find a matching pair - a stallion and a mare - we cheer loudly. 

​Our ORIGINAL tables

​Sjælsø has a wide selection of original old tables. The key is to find the best ones. Each table is unique, as they have been used differently, and therefore have unique characteristics. The tables have lots of patina. We can find tables that resemble each other, but they will never be exactly the same – fortunately! We love imperfections.

The tables have previously been used as market-, wedding- or school tables. In India they have huge weddings and in the old days, they made maybe 200 tables for food and drinks during the celebrations. It is these tables that we now want to get our hands on. Likewise, the schools are continuously being modernized. Fortunately for us, as many old school desks can be used as beautiful benches or console tables. We love that each piece of furniture has its very own story.

Wooden pot - an original piece made by hand

This beautiful wooden pot is amazing, very special and not like other wooden pots. It is the very first product we selected, when Sjælsø started and has gradually become one of our classics. We love original old objects that can be revitalized. 

The pots are old - some up to 100 years old. They are all hand-carved. Cherish the craftmenship behind each pot. Each pot is carefully restored by hand. 

We love going through the piles of wooden pots and find the right ones. The pots were originally used as storage for i.e. rice and grains - but years later and many kilometres away, the pots get new life - as beautiful decorative pots in our homes.