- we believe in recycling ​

We believe in recycling. One of our objectives is to develop products based on old material in the form of wood, metal, textile, glass etc. We make among other things, tables, racks, vases and cushion of recycled material.

We are especially fond of beautiful old wood with lots of patina. The wood often comes from old ships, scaffolding or old houses. By using this kind of wood, we can make incredible products.

Have a look at some of our product below: If you want a full overview of all our products, you can have a look here.

Wooden table made of recycled wood in our new rustic finish - Silver Grey Silk Finish

Old wood from Indian recycling centers.

​When the wood is placed outdoor under the burning Indian sun or rain, it gets a greyish tone no matter the original finish. Therefore, the final finish and treatment of the surface of the wood is crucial. Our suppliers mix the the final finishes by hand. The wood can become darker or lighter depending on the surface treatment – subsequently it receives the final touch with wax or sealer – all resulting in different finishes. Another technique is to use tea leaves – it can bleach the wood enabling us to achieve a lighter tone in the wood, which accommodates the Nordic preferences.

​It is actually very complicated to find just the right finish and even more difficult to recreate it in several different products made from different species of wood. It is almost an art form  - an art form our suppliers fortunately possess.

Everything is made by hand and therefore colour and finish can vary slightly from one product to another. In our opinion it is only part of the charm. 

Silver Grey Silk Finish

This year our hunt for a new look in our recycled furniture has resulted in a completely new finish, which we have chosen to name Silver Grey Silk finish. You may best know it from your grandparents' old weathered wooden garden furniture that has been outside for years - patinated by rain, the baking sun and the passing of time. A look that we love and that we now introduce.

In the Silver Grey Silk assortment you wil find wooden tables, benches, stools and cabinets.