WE never leave an original table​


- we find and select our tables

Sjælsø has a wide selection of tables - from console- to writing tables to coffee and dining tables. We have many original pieces in our selection. Why not use, what is already available? 

You can get a full overview of our tables  here

​It is all about finding and selecting the best pieces. Each table is unique, as they have been used differently, and therefore have unique characteristics. The tables have lots of patina. We can find tables that resemble each other, but they will never be exactly the same – fortunately! We love imperfections.

The tables have previously been used as market-, wedding- or school tables. In India they have huge weddings and in the old days, they made maybe 200 tables for food and drinks during the celebrations. It is these tables that we now want to get our hands on. Likewise, the schools are continuously being modernized. Fortunately for us, as many old school desks can be used as beautiful benches or console tables. We love that each piece of furniture has its very own story.

We also make tables of own design - usually in old wood. We believe in recycling. Our tables are restored at smaller workshops in India and Indonesia - made by skilled craftsmen. - skills that are passed on from one generation to another.